Welcome to my website. I am a UK qualified and insured massage therapist who offer 5 star massage service in Leiester, Leicestershire, Oadby, Wigston and Kibworth.
As a Sports Massage Therapist I have experience in treating various conditions including back pain, neck and shoulder tension or pain, sciatica, tennis elbow and many other muscular-skeletal aches and pains. I also have vast experience in helping sporting enthusiasts of all standards continue to enjoy their favourite sport whether they play for fun or regularly take part in competitive sporting events.
I also treat others who need relaxation and relief from everyday stress at work or life. Some of my clients come to simply relax and unwind, while others have regular deep tissue massage to help them manage or cope with specific physical, mental or emotional problems. I do home visits as well as clinical appointments.
I recommend you to see my qualifications and services to decide which treatment would be suitable for you. If you need help to decide amongst my treatments, feel free to contact me.



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  • ‘I have been having massages from Zoltan for several times now. I see him because he relieves the tight knots in my muscles and also provides a very relaxing environment. The moment I lie down on the massage table, I feel better. The environment is so peaceful; it’s like taking a vacation from the stress of everyday life. Sometimes I talk and other times I am quiet, depending on the mood I am in. He is able to use deep pressure on the areas that I need it, and lighter pressure on other areas. When he is working the knots out, it “hurts good.” My husband has also had massage by him and he was surprised at how strong his hands are and light as well. I would recommend him to anybody.’
  • ‘I had a massage the other day and I just didn't want it to end! So relaxing and so good for your mind and body! Everyone should treat themselves to a massage every now and again!’
  • 'Probably the best massage I have experienced so far, and I had many! Professional, relaxing and effective! Thank you, Zoli!'
  • ‘Thanks Zoltan, I can walk now!!!!’
  • ‘Hunching over a computer all day every day was doing me no good so I contacted Zoltan and he gave me the most relaxing back massage which as well as relaxing me to a near comatose state also sorted out all the knots in my shoulders. Top man - highly recommended.’
  • ‘After the first treatment my horrible back pain just disappeared, I didn’t expect to feel the improvement that fast, thanks a lot!!! Highly Recommended’

Best Massage therapists in Leicester
Best Massage therapists in Leicester