Cancellation policy

We strive to provide excellent services to our clients. When an appointment is made, that time has been set aside for you and when it is missed, that time cannot be used to treat another client who needs our services.

To provide the best service possible, we promise to give you our full and undivided attention, we offer a strictly one-to-one service. For us to continue to offer such a high-quality service we need your help. If you need to change or cancel your appointment, we ask you to give as much notice as you possibly can, but we request a minimum of 48 hours’ notice.

You can cancel your appointment by emailing to or calling/texting 07913029336.

All appointments cancelled within 48 hours from the appointment time are subject to a £15 late cancellation fee and no-show appointments will be considered a missed appointment and a full standard fee will be charged.

If you arrive late for your appointment, we will do our best to deliver your full appointment slot time but please bear in mind this may not be possible and your full appointment fee will stand.