Natural Movement Pattern Training

Improve your posture

Preserve your mobility

Prevent back pain

Walk pain free

Avoid hip and knee problems

Do your favourite sport in harmony with your spine

Avoid aches and pains that 'comes with age'

Words of experience

NMPT is a preventive spine training that can eliminate the harmful effects of repetitive or sitting job, reprogramming the brain to use the right muscles at the right level. This will rebalance the compression on the spine and other joints, preventing them to wear out early. This will prevent back pain and reduce the chance of having a hip replacement or knee replacement.
It’s a set of special exercises that consists of stretches and muscle strengthening movements. The aim is to activate muscles that lost their function and teach the nervous system to switch these muscles back; and relax the ones that are shortened and tense. Restoring the balance of muscles will lead to good posture and pain free movement.

Spinal problems have a naughty feature: they return from time to time, or they appear at a different section of the spine. The aim of NMPT is to prevent this with cutting out the wrong movement patterns that people have, years before the symptoms of spinal problems appear. NMPT is a powerful tool in preventing the development and recurrence of back and neck pain. It’s an up-to-date and straightforward way of protecting your spine. Based on research and scientific evidence, it helps you correct wrong movement patterns, therefore spine-and joint problems can be avoided.

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You will be doing gentle stretching exercises in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. These exercises are carried out in standing, sitting and laying position. All the movements are safely supervised by the instructor and will be done at your own pace. You can always stop exercising if you feel any discomfort and you may be given alternative exercises if you can’t or aren’t recommended to do any of them.

  • If you feel healthy but would like to prevent back pain, herniated disc, tension headache and their consequences
  • If you have already suffered from herniated disc and would like to avoid having another one
  • If you want to enjoy exercising in a spine – friendly way
  • If you are getting older but still want to move youthfully
  • If you do not believe in “magic pills” but look for an effective preventive solution
  • If you are in an acute state of hernia
  • If you have shooting or radiating pain
  • If you have unstable medical condition

You can wear comfortable clothes (comfortable street clothes, gym or fitness clothing or anything that you feel comfortable in and doesn’t restrict you to do basic movements)

Bring an exercise mat, Yoga mat, Pilates mat, if you have one. If you haven’t got your own mat, I have 10mm thick mats (the same type that we use in the class) available for £10. I can not lend you one for the class, because of hygienic precaution.

If you decided to correct your posture, change wrong habitual movement patterns, suffer from musculoskeletal or spine problems


  • You would like to progress at your own pace a and time,
  • You don’t like public classes,
  • You don’t feel confident to join an already going class,
  • You can have one to one NMPT session at your home, at your time.

The advantage of private session is that I can give my undivided attention to you and you can learn at your own pace. I can correct your moves before we move to the next one and you may feel more comfortable learning the moves on your own.

The advantage of the public class is that the price is cheaper, and you are encouraged by the rest of the students, which can give a good effect on your progression. And you can enjoy a good atmosphere with like-minded people, while doing something for your health. The number of students in one class is low, that always gives me the chance to make individual corrections as we go along.

NMPT class is on hold at the moment, private classes available.

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Private session

£50 per hour

Class price

£10 per class

Because of the Covid 19 awareness, I can not lend you an exercise mat for the class. If you haven’t got a mat, I have 10mm thick mats available to purchase for £10.

If you arrive at the church and the door is locked, come through the carpark. The Church Hall is at the end of the carpark and the entrance is at the far corner. If you still can’t find us, call or text me on 07913029336, before the class starts.

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