Natural Movement Pattern Training

A preventive spine training that can eliminate the harmful effects of repetitive manual and sitting job, reprogramming the brain to use the right muscles at the right level. This will ease the compression of the spine and other joints, preventing them to wear out early.

It’s a set of special exercises that consists of stretches and muscle reactivating movements. The aim is to activate muscles that are weakened, lost their function and teach the nervous system to switch these muscles back; and relax the ones that are shortened and tense. Restoring the balance of muscles will lead to good posture and pain free movement.

NMPT is a powerful tool in preventing the development and recurrence of back and neck pain. It gives an effective help to these musculoskeletal problems. Created by Mate Bene, spine specialist physiotherapist, the corrective training programme restores the structure and the healthy and curvatures of the spine and the stabilizing muscle strings. It corrects wrong movement patterns and provides ideal weight distribution, which gives you back the ability to achieve easy, healthy movement.

Natural Movement Pattern Training can help you:

  • prevent herniated disc
  • avoid hip-, knee-, shoulder joint problems
  • correct poor posture that cause painful changes in the body structure
  • activate forgotten/dormant muscles that are necessary for a healthy spine and joints
  • contribute to the energy efficiency of the muscles
  • give you the freedom of movement for life