“Hi Zoltan. I would like to Thank You for today’s massage. I can honestly say this is the first time I have not had pain in my lower spine, buttocks and legs since I can’t remember. Even taking my morphine I still experience constant pain but since leaving yours this morning I’ve felt so much better. Thank you”


“Thank you very much for the session Zoltan. I walked home feeling weightless and a few centimetres taller. Many thanks.”


“After struggling with chronic shoulder neck and back issues for over 15 years I found this therapist (Zoltan) online when searching for a lymphatic drainage massage after exhausting all avenues of treatment thinking the drainage might help. I have had 2 x deep tissue massage 1 x lymph drainage so far and the results have been nothing short of excellent. Zoltan uses many techniques and is able to create a treatment tailored for your specific issues. His knowledge skillset and healing techniques combined has to be the best I have experienced in all these years.
He has a wonderful kind caring calming nature and truly wants to heal his patient and I felt exceptionally comfortable with him.
From what he’s done so far I’m very confident I will be healed. I look forward to my next consultation.”


“My headache is gone and my neck feels so much better now. Thank you Zoltan, you’re a miracle worker.”


“Zoltan thank you very much my neck feels a lot better now I just have the smaller amount of ache which will be gone by tomorrow thank you! I feel back to 100 percent. Will definitely be seeing you soon.”


“Hi Zoltan, just want you to know, the tension on my shoulder gone. Neck and back pain gone. You are really good at what you do, thank you so much. See you at next apt.”



“I woke up today with no pain at all in my ankle… for the first time since I can remember! I think you may have performed a Christmas miracle! Thank you!”


“Thank you for the massage today Zoltan, headache gone, shoulder and neck pain gone. Thank you.”



“Zoltan’s massage is much more intensive than any others, I appreciate that.”


“Zoltan has been excellent and I would highly recommend.”


“After 4 weeks of neck pain I visited Zoltan and I got a fantastic back and  neck massage. That  was relaxing and all sourness disappeared. Thanks Zoltan, I will be back soon.”


“I discovered Massage and would do advice to anybody who wants to look after their body.”


“A very polite and professional service offered by Zoltan. I have already recommended him to at least 4 people.”


“I would recommend Juhasz Zoltan massage therapy after receiving a massage for a neck injury. I was made to feel very comfortable and was offered a comprehensive consultation. My neck and back are feeling much better and I will definitely return to Zoltan Massage Therapy.”


“I have been having massages from Zoltan for several times now. I see him because he relieves the tight knots in my muscles and also provides a very relaxing environment. The moment I lie down on the massage table, I feel better. The environment is so peaceful; it’s like taking a vacation from the stress of everyday life. Sometimes I talk and other times I am quiet, depending on the mood I am in. He is able to use deep pressure on the areas that I need it, and lighter pressure on other areas. When he is working the knots out, it “hurts good.” My husband has also had massage by him and he was surprised at how strong his hands are and light as well. I would recommend him to anybody.”


“I had a massage the other day and I just didn’t want it to end! So relaxing and so good for your mind and body! Everyone should treat themselves to a massage every now and again!”


“Thanks Zoltan, I can walk now!!!”


“Hunching over a computer all day every day was doing me no good so I contacted Zoltan and he gave me the most relaxing back massage which as well as relaxing me to a near comatose state also sorted out all the knots in my shoulders. Top man – highly recommended.”


“After the first treatment my horrible back pain just disappeared, I didn’t expect to feel the improvement that fast, thanks a lot!!! Highly Recommended”